Your storytellers

KateKate has worked at Dudley CVS since 2004. She can mostly be found with a packet full of Sharpies and some big sheets of white paper preparing fun, visual ways of helping groups of people to learn together. She has AMAZING facilitation and training skills though she never finishes a cup of tea. Her favourite cake is red velvet cake.


LornaLorna is great at connecting and inspiring people to make things happen. She’s incredibly passionate about communities and people and everyone’s potential to achieve great things. We think she eats ideas for breakfast because she’s always full of them when she gets to the office. Lorna’s favourite cake is lemon drizzle cake.


BeckyBecky has enviable communication and grammar skills. Whilst being a bit nerdy on the legal and policy side of things for groups, she makes complicated things easy to understand. She has made a beautiful album and given away all of the profit to Brierley Hill Samaritans. She’s often eating and sharing tortilla chips.


We’ve written these profiles for each other. We’re more modest than we may seem!

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