Help us put volunteering on the map!

Please help us build a picture of the difference that Dudley’s volunteers and active-citizens make

Volunteering Counts in Dudley borough

checklistAs I am sure you are aware, volunteers make a major social and economic contribution towards the quality of life for people across the Dudley borough.  In 2005 we did an audit and once we’d analysed the results, found that 14822 volunteers gave around 1 million hours that year!

Things have no doubt changed and we are keen to get an up-to-date picture of the difference volunteers make to local communities and services.  Dudley CVS are looking for your help in completing this audit which will be used to provide an accurate snapshot of local volunteering activity.  The information gained will be used to raise the profile of volunteering in the borough, demonstrate the diversity of volunteers and the impact they are making.  It will be shared with local stakeholders and the final report will be available in October, when interested groups may contact us for a copy or download…

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