Up to £1000 available for Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in Dudley borough

ppg purse

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group has allocated funding over the next two years to each PPG in Dudley borough. The aim of the PPG Purse fund is to:

• Support the growth and development of a PPG
• Help set up a new PPG
• Encourage involvement of new patients in a PPG
• Support innovation and the development of new creative ideas
• Support inclusivity and diversity in a PPG
• Improve health and well-being of patients

A budget of up to £1000 for each PPG over the next two years will enable PPGs explore ideas about the best way to spend the money in their purse to get maximum benefit for their PPG. To give some examples, the money could be used to pay for printing, promotional materials, equipment such as laptops to help PPGs develop social media tools, running events or activities and much more. PPGs may want to work collaboratively with other PPGs to jointly host events and activities in which case their individual budgets can be pooled together.

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Our work gets recognised in high places!

Our work in partnership with the local authority to guide communities through the process of taking on, developing and managing buildings has been held up as an example to be replicated across the whole country in a national paper given to the CLG (Communities and Local Government) Select Committee earlier this week.

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Asset Transfer and Asset Development – the transformation of Dudley Day Centre begins!

One of the office ceilings ripped down by vandals

One of the office ceilings ripped down by vandals

After approximately two years, Dudley MBC has officially signed over the former Age UK building based on Stafford Street to Dudley CVS, however, due to mindless vandalism this once valued and desirable building is in need of some major refurbishment.

As shown on the pictures below, there is much work to do on site and this work begins in earnest today!

DSCF0043Even the newly refurbished toilets did not escape the vandals, as copper piping was ripped from its mountings, again causing water and fixture damage.

Help is at hand however and Dudley CVS is lucky to have a dedicated team of experts working alongside us, and over the next few months we will transfer this building to its former glory.  As the work progresses I will keep you fully updated on the transformation of this building and others that are progressing as a DSCF0047result of asset transfer.


If you would like further information or support regarding asset transfer and asset development then feel free to contact me.

Caroline Webb, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS
e-mail carolinewebb@dudleycvs.org.uk

Where are we at with Integrated Care in Dudley Borough?

Dudley CVS is hosting its second event on integrated care for the voluntary and community sector in Dudley borough on 11th November 2014.

The purpose of the event is to bring together the voluntary and community sector to update them on where we are at with integrated care, our new pilot Integrated Plus, and to enable the sector to explore how it could contribute to the integrated care model being implemented in Dudley borough by Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group and the Directorate for Adults, Communities and Housing Services.

The event will enable trustees/directors, staff and volunteers of voluntary and community organisations to:

– Receive an update on integrated care model in Dudley borough
– Learn about Integrated Plus
– View a live versions of PSIAMS, which is a new IT system developed for voluntary groups in Dudley that will help them to demonstrate their social impact
– Discuss how they can contribute to integrated care services in Dudley borough

Details of the outcomes of the event will be published in a blog soon or visit: integratedplusblog.com.

Supporting leaders all year round!

Trustee flyer

“Trustees are the people in charge of a charity. They play a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about the charity’s work. Trustees’ Week is an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference.”

From the Trustees’ Week website

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