Stephen Phipps, Headway Black Country

We generally get support by way of information, briefings, volunteering support etc. During last year we accessed specific support from DCVS Funding Officer to help us develop an application for funding from Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund. We had previously benefited from similar support for a previous application to Big Lottery, which had been successful.

Martin is very knowledgeable and well organised, offering a high standard of advice and guidance. He takes time to understand what we are trying to achieve, acts as a critical friend and helps keep us on track at all stages. This helped us to hone our application to meet the funders requirements and ensure our project was viable. Having this quality of external advice is essential to an organisation of our size where capacity for strategic development is limited.

We have increased the range of services that we provide to our clients (both survivors of brain injury and their carers/families). We have increased the numbers of people we support and their independence and quality of life, thus reducing demands on statutory services. The latest Lottery Funding will enable us to develop services further, in particular our outreach into communities and early support in hospitals and clinics.