Notes from our latest funding workshop: Developing your community facility

Dudley CVS has always worked to broker relationships between funders and the groups we support, through working with big and small funders on their programmes and helping to promote them, searching for funders for our groups and supporting them with applications and bringing funders together with groups at regular ‘meet the funder’ events.  But last week, we ran a ‘meet the funder’ event with a difference, focussing on a theme which is becoming ever more popular in Dudley – developing community facilities and asset transfer.

In this post, you’ll find details of the event and the presentations that funders and others gave.

21 people from voluntary organisations, funding bodies and the local authority came to learn and share more about asset transfer, developing assets for community use and funding that could support it.

Caroline shared more information about community asset-development and how Dudley CVS can support it with our bespoke toolkit for organisations that already manage or are looking to take on a community facility. The toolkit guides groups through the whole process, covering topics such as feasibility, business planning and finance.


Martin Shaw from Dudley Council introduced the concept of asset transfer and shared Dudley Council’s processes for any groups that wanted to take on land or buildings owned by the local authority.


The funders that came, The Big Lottery Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust and Cory Environmental Trust in Britain, all have a great track-record of supporting capital projects on community facilities in Dudley borough. Each funder gave a short presentation about the grants they could offer and gave some useful hints and tips, as well as discussing specific questions raised by groups.

Then, to finish off, Becky gave an introduction to online crowdfunding as yet another alternative to raising funding for projects.

As well as being given information groups were also provided with opportunities to discuss their ideas, find out what support is available to them and signposted to opportunities to take forward their plans. At the end of the event people told us:
  • they had increased knowledge and confidence
  • the event was very helpful and informative” and
  • the concept of asset transfer was much clearer.

However all this doesn’t end with the event – we are here to continue providing support to organisations. Let us know how we can help you in the future as you progress your ideas.

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