Extraordinary Lives CIC achieves Building Blocks award

extro lives

Extraordinary Lives CIC provides one to one and group NLP (neuro linguistic programming) life coaching workshops for people with learning disabilities amongst other disabilities and their carers.  The coaching promotes a better outlook on life for these individuals and equips them with the necessary tools to live as independently as possible and increase their sense of well being. As a result, the coaching has a positive effect on many other areas of the individual’s life.

The workshops are delivered in fun, creative and innovative ways. Extraordinary Lives Coaching Services is unique because it enables, empowers and motivates people with learning disabilities/ disabilities and their carers in ways that have not been used before. The main aim of Extraordinary Lives is to move away from traditional approaches of support and works to equip people with learning disabilities with the skills and confidence they need to make the most of their lives and achieve their dreams.

Building Blocks is a programme of support available to voluntary and community organisations (including social enterprises) in Dudley borough. The programme helps organisations to ensure that they are well run, that they have the correct paperwork in place and are planning for their future financial sustainability. Organisations that successfully complete the kite mark are awarded with a Building Blocks certificate.

“Kerry has been working with the Dibdale social group delivering activities which she has tailor made to meet the needs of our client group who have learning difficulties.

Kerry teaches them how to communicate their feelings by way of creative exercises. Clients interact well with each other within these group activities and maintain a high level of interest throughout.

These exercises have proved beneficial and effective. The group get a lot of enjoyment out of the work that they create and get to take the end product home which they proudly display and show others. Kerry has a wonderful friendly personality which our clients have all warmed to.”   – Andrea Smith, Dibdale Project Manager, Langstone Society.

I Iiked making a Dream catcher and making new friends. I feel more confident.”  – Rodger

I love it! It makes me feel happy! – Nicola

“I have really enjoyed working with Kerry on the Building Blocks programme. Kerry is so committed to helping people with learning disabilities and their carers.  Kerry is so passionate and an inspiration”. (Kate Green, Dudley CVS Senior Development Officer)

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