Hearts and Crafts: A lifeline for people in Sedgley

Hearts and Crafts group based in Sedgley is a social group where people can take part in a range of arts and crafts activities in a welcoming and supportive environment. It’s a place where people can learn new skills from their peers, share knowledge and get creative! Perhaps more importantly, it’s a place that nurtures people as well as their creativity.

I was introduced to Hearts and Crafts by my colleague Georgia, who through her role as Integrated Plus Link Support Worker has referred people to this group as a way of helping them to be more connected in their local community. The group has been running for 4 years, and it’s co-ordinated by a team that shares all the practical tasks. In fact, it’s become so popular that they’ve set up another session on the same day so that more people can attend and take part in comfort. There were at least 25 people when I paid the group a visit recently as part of the work I’m doing with Age UK Dudley. The knitting table was particularly busy!

At Hearts and Crafts, there are opportunities to take part in a range of creative activities. There’s a table for knitting, needlework and crochet, a table dedicated to papercrafts and another table for painting. People are free to choose to do as much or as little as they please and as I chatted to some of the members it became clear that Hearts and Crafts was less about what they did and more about the friendships that have been made there.

One lady didn’t find it easy to be among new people or in new situations. She was introduced to the group after someone struck up conversation with her at a party where she didn’t know many people. That one connection led her to tentatively joining the group. Now she’s a regular and gets involved in the papercrafts, chatting to her new friends and helping each other to design cards. She told me that this is the only place she goes, so she really looks forward to it every week. She walks there and she’s certain going to Hearts and Crafts gives her purpose and keeps her fit and active.

Over on the knitting table, participants were making all kinds of things for themselves and for others, sharing skills and encouraging each other. I was told that one of the participants who was knitting with such dexterity was recovering from a stroke. It was obvious how much people value Hearts and Crafts as participants told me that attending had given them a sense of purpose.

On the busy painting table, people of all abilities were trying out working with watercolours and acrylic. A gentleman was helping two people who had come for the first time, reassuring them that the worst that could happen was that their paintings might end up in the bin! By the end of the session, the two people had painted beautiful landscapes and they were looking forward to coming again. It’s that kind of welcome and encouragement that has made Hearts and Crafts so popular.
When I asked the gentleman about his painting, he told me that he’d been to a class in the 1990s and realised it was harder than it looked at first. But he persevered and now helps his wife to decorate cards that she makes. He loves painting and told me that he can forget all of his troubles by becoming immersed in his creativity. He comes to Hearts and Crafts specifically to help others to get the same benefits.

Another lady told me that Hearts and Crafts was her lifeline, especially after she’d been through a difficult period in her life. She was full of admiration for the team members who make Hearts and Crafts happen every week. She said that the team got upset when the group was so big that team members couldn’t get around to everyone to have a conversation with them; that was the reason for setting up another session later that day. It felt like the team has really fostered a sense of belonging and family as I was told that the team members would text people if the session had to be cancelled to save them setting out; whenever anyone missed a week, someone would be in touch to check everything was ok. It’s the kind of belonging that would help anyone feel connected and wanted.

6 thoughts on “Hearts and Crafts: A lifeline for people in Sedgley

    • Thank you Koko. I’m pleased you enjoyed learning about Hearts and Crafts.

      Best wishes to you,

  1. I would be interested in joining you as I’ve lost touch with all my friends and have nothing to interest me and to do with my time..does this cost anything etc…
    I’ve done a little work with age UK myself and did enjoy it
    Could you let me know more please

    • Hi there Sue.

      I’m very sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been on leave for a few days.

      If you would like to join Hearts and Crafts, I would be happy to get in touch with them for you to see if they have space. The group became quote busy, so they want to be able to manage how many join in. They meet on Thursday afternoons though. Please let me know if you would like me to get in touch with them on your behalf. You can email me privately on smallgroups@dudleycvs.org.uk or you can call our office on 01384 573381.

      If you’re interested in volunteering, it might be a good idea to have a chat with my colleague Eileen, who runs our Volunteer Centre. She links people who are interested in giving some of their time with all sorts of good causes that are looking for help. You can contact Eileen by ringing our office number above or by emailing eileen@dudleycvs.org.uk

      Finally, Eileen and I run a drop in at DY1 venue in Dudley town centre on the first Wednesday of every month. That means we have one tomorrow (Wed 3 April) between 10am and 1pm. You’re welcome to pop in anytime between those times if you are free and we’d be happy to chat with you and link you with some local groups. You’ll find us at DY1 venue, Stafford Street, Dudley, DY1 1RT.

      Kind regards,

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