Lye & Wollescote Chapels Development

Lye chapel






Lye & Wollescote Chapels, Cemetery Road, Lye.

As many of you may be aware, Lye & Wollescote Chapels was the first building in Dudley borough to undergo the Asset Transfer journey. Since then there have been others and I am happy to report, more on the way and as and when they do happen, we will keep you posted.

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Asset Transfer and Asset Development – the transformation of Dudley Day Centre begins!

One of the office ceilings ripped down by vandals

One of the office ceilings ripped down by vandals

After approximately two years, Dudley MBC has officially signed over the former Age UK building based on Stafford Street to Dudley CVS, however, due to mindless vandalism this once valued and desirable building is in need of some major refurbishment.

As shown on the pictures below, there is much work to do on site and this work begins in earnest today!

DSCF0043Even the newly refurbished toilets did not escape the vandals, as copper piping was ripped from its mountings, again causing water and fixture damage.

Help is at hand however and Dudley CVS is lucky to have a dedicated team of experts working alongside us, and over the next few months we will transfer this building to its former glory.  As the work progresses I will keep you fully updated on the transformation of this building and others that are progressing as a DSCF0047result of asset transfer.


If you would like further information or support regarding asset transfer and asset development then feel free to contact me.

Caroline Webb, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS

Lye & Wollescote Chapels – Dudley Asset Transfer & Development

lye & wollescote

Community Assets are land or buildings predominantly owned by statutory services which are then transferred over and developed under the management of community organisations.  Asset based development assists 3rd sector organisations to achieve long-term sustainable social, economic and environmental achievements within their own locations.

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