Insight for carers wins new contract

Insight for carers has been awarded a one year public service contract from Dudley MBC. Delivery of the contract will involve Insight for Carers carrying out carers assessments for carers of adults not receiving ongoing support from statutory services.

INSIGHT for Carers Service – known as INSIGHT – is a charity for carers, run predominantly by carers. As a user led organisation, INSIGHT works hard to meet the needs of carers, developing and delivering the services that carers want, rather than what people think they need.

INSIGHT focuses on the carers, filling in gaps and working hard to empower them so they can lead the happiest, most fulfilling lives, be effective carers for the people they love and look after and be involved in decisions and making choices that affect their lives. Based in Brierley Hill, services are offered to all carers in the Dudley borough and the surrounding areas.

The Insight team put in a lot of hours in completing their tender bid and the hard work paid off. Well done to the team!

Marc Carter, Chief Executive of INSIGHT has shared some hints and tips on tendering (in the video above) for other voluntary organisations interested in bidding for public service contracts.

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