New locality integrated care in Dudley borough – what will this mean for the voluntary sector?

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (Dudley CCG) and other statutory partners are moving towards a model of locality based integrated care services. This will involve a process of advanced personalised care planning for older people, people with mental health issues, people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and children. In each of the five localities within the Dudley borough, there will be a need for better cooperation and coordination between health, social care, public health and the voluntary sector.

Dudley CVS is hosting a workshop in partnership with Dudley CCG on 30th April to explore the potential role and contribution of the voluntary and community sector in integrated care in Dudley borough. We will post information and ideas from the event and encourage online debate following the event through this blog.  

2 thoughts on “New locality integrated care in Dudley borough – what will this mean for the voluntary sector?

  1. First posted 22/5/2013 on

    Healthwatch Dudley CCG Ideas for future structure of local health delivery

    The structure of healthcare in the community should in my opinion be reviewed. I have had conversations with The Kings Fund regarding health care provision for the future. I have voiced these ideas to try to stimulate dialogue, but getting to the decision makers in very near impossible. The proposed ‘Phoenix structure” is to utilise local schools that have for what ever reason become redundant.

    Why a rethink?
    The current community health centre is just that, a health centre. What I propose is a centre with a health section but encompassing all the disciplines listed below. Stress is the foundation for many illnesses and if eliminated or substantially reduced, could bring about fundamental change to the local communities, their Health and wellbeing and wealth to the country ultimately. GDP suffers due to the amount of hours lost to stress alone, let alone the additional burden of all the more serious implicated illnesses caused by stress.

    These in my opinion could be alleviated if not eliminated for the majority by introducing a centre that was multi faceted. These would have a primary wellness role.

    The incorporation of suitably qualified ‘Complimentary’ therapies along with the utilisation of of the premisses by multi charitable organisations after normal business hours, after all one charity renting a room or building could share the facilities and the cost so directing more of its cash to the aim of the charity goals and not in rent rates and utility bills.

    The concept has other dimensions should anyone be of interest in furthering the aims here please contact me to discuss.

    These sites usually offer plenty of space for car-parking, what was the playground etc can be used for this.

    Centre school building or new build

    Gi Specialists – from local hospitals
    Lab/ phlebotamists

    Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Aroma massage

    CAB – financial -rights etc.
    Housing – Dudley council
    Social services –
    Education rep – Dudley college
    Job centre / eos
    Cafe coffee shop – healthy eating –
    Creche facility , child daycare center

    Hairdresser / beautician – local college run and supported training sessions
    Charity clothes shop – mind charity etc ?

    After hours use

    Charity use for meetings and functions.
    Patient Training – Expert patients courses – Ibs – stress – anxiety – depression – self esteem etc. , CBT training ,Team building

    Company training – stress management for managers – stress policy for business – stress audits –
    Take courses to teachers in education and deliver to both staff and pupils stress awareness – start to eliminate the cause.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I have posted a follow up post on integrated care which provides more detail about how it will work in Dudley borough and some thoughts on the role of the voluntary and community sector.

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