The art of the possible – looking at what we could achieve!

Page 4 Andy Gray  croppedAndy Gray is Chief Officer of Dudley CVS and has been invited to attend the second VCSS Camp this year. Eileen from the Planning Team, who works at Dudley CVS, invited him to share this thoughts and expectations on the value of attending VCSSCamp 2014.

Why are you coming to VCSSCamp?

I am interested in looking at how, through social media, you can discover fresh thinking, make new contacts and learn about other opportunities

  • For the organisation – the feedback from those members of my team who are currently using social media has thus far been really positive: it’s opened up lots of avenues, networks and opportunities. It feels like the event will be a creative space and an opportunity to see what possible outcomes could develop.
  • Personally – it’s an opportunity to catch up and see what other people have done, what they used and what the outcomes were. …

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