Three new charities in Dudley borough

In the last few weeks, three of the brilliant groups I’ve been supporting have successfully become registered charities, hopefully unlocking further opportunities for each of them. This is great timing, as the inaugural Local Charities Day is coming up on 16 December!

The three charities do very different work, which goes to show the enormous variety of wonderful work that benefits people and communities.

I started working with Woodside Crafts a few years ago, when they were based at Woodside Day Centre and I wrote about working with them on this blog. The group started making wooden products in group workshops as a therapeutic way to support people living with mental ill-health. Group members quickly realised there might be a market for their products and that they could sell them as a way to raise income and make the group sustainable.

2013-11-02 11.58.38 HDR

Martin and Chris opening the Woodside Crafts shop on King Street, Dudley, in November 2014

Woodside Crafts have shared the lovely story of their journey from small group workshops at Woodside Day Centre to opening a shop on King Street, making all sorts of creative products and running lots of learning workshops. You’ll find their story on the Woodside Crafts website.

After working together on the application over a couple of meetings in the shop, Woodside Crafts became a registered charity on 14 October. Here’s its  entry on the register of charities.

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