Using digital tools to support our sector – #VCSSCamp 2015

I’m really excited to be involved in this year’s VCSSCamp, a place for people who work in local infrastructure organisations that support the voluntary and community sector (CVSs, Volunteer Centres, Voluntary Actions, etc.), to come together and talk about the ways they use digital technology in their work.

It’s an unconference format, which means the agenda is set by those taking part on the day. We’re currently encouraging people to think about what they’d like to discuss and sharing ideas for potential topics. Yesterday, co-organiser Paul Webster pointed us in the direction of Technology Trust’s neat infographic that summarises the parts of Lloyds Bank Digital Index where it relates to charities. It struck me because, although stark in terms of the attitudes to tech still prevalent in our sector, this information can help us to respond and help charities and voluntary organisations use digital tools to achieve their mission. I later realised that it had also struck me because I’d blogged about the same Index back in April, before I became part of the VCSSCamp 2015 team (yay!), albeit without the handy infographic which I’ll reproduce here:

So what else am I interested in discussing at VCSSCamp? Well, after doing a little work with Nick Booth from Podnosh on accessing and using open data (mostly using LG Inform’s Natural Neighbourhoods), I’m intrigued by how we can use, and support others to use, open data in a collaborative way.

If you’re coming along to VCSSCamp on 30th June, please share what kind of topics you’d like to discuss on the VCSSCamp blog. I’m looking forward to meeting you there!

4 thoughts on “Using digital tools to support our sector – #VCSSCamp 2015

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I went to the inaugural VCSS Camp in 2013, was invited to help Paul and Pauline last year and it was even more fun. You are going to really enjoy being involved this year and if anyone is thinking about coming, I would certainly recommend they do!

    • Thanks Eileen! I met Paul for the first time yesterday and it was lovely to join him and Pauline to firm up some details. I’m really looking forward to sharing with and learning lots from all the participants 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on VCSScamp and commented:
    Good point Becky.
    “respond and help charities and voluntary organisations use digital tools to achieve their mission.”
    Yes, surely that’s something each of us can do.

  3. Thanks Paul. I’m sure there’s lots we can do to change those numbers, and some of the simple data-gathering ideas we discussed yesterday had me really excited. Very much looking forward to the 30th!

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